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No matter how complex your business questions, we have the capabilities & experience
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We add value at every stage of the supply chain. We access hard-to-reach locations. We offer technical advice and financial support. We build infrastructure and devise logistics to streamline and simplify transportation. We operate at scale through state-of-the-art terminals. We deliver on time, on-spec commodities wherever they are needed.



We invest in ports, terminals and logistics to enhance our physical trading activities. We build warehouses and storage facilities, operate truck and barge fleets, buy ships and develop mines – whatever it takes - to help trade flow better. Contact our expert team of professionals to get a quote on your transportation needs



Selizo's core business is physical trading and logistics; our assets and investments complement and enhance these activities. Customers for oil and petroleum products include electric utilities, refiners, majors and National Oil Companies. Metal and minerals customers range from mining companies to refined metals retailers and industrial manufacturers.


O.S.M - Origination and Sourcing Management

Value chain of our business starts at the origins. With strong presence and strategic focus in natural resources producing regions, we procure goods from the farm gates, cooperatives, regional merchants and exporters optimizing operational efficiency, security and delivery of supplies, risks and economic return. Integral parts of our origination strategy are the local partnerships and strategic alliances held in the origins.


L.O.M - Logistics and Operations Management

L.O.M covers the whole supply chain, from the acquisition of agricultural products and processed goods , through warehousing , multi modal transportations , documentation and financial modeling ,up to the point of consumption. B2B Commodity Traders designs and executes logistics and operational solutions to meet customer needs and maximize their benefits using its wide global presence and highly qualified members` experiences and capabilities


T.R.M - Trading and Risk Management

Being conscious of operating in a fundamentally changed global business environment, B2B Commodity Traders models trading of consistent and constant businesses rather than instantaneous opportunities to achieve its targets. Our businesses have been segregated into product groups and desks managed by specialized executives, which allows us market intelligence, due diligence, proactive and timely approaches